lunes, 21 de noviembre de 2011

Interviews ...... what are you wearing ?

Unit 12 - Jobs and Ambitions

Eduardo Martinez ( I )

 What do you do?
I am a bachelor, I am now a college student. My career is in electronic engineering, and the mention is automatic control.
Where do you work?                                                                                                                               Now I have no job, I’m committed to finish my studies and to be an excellent professional

What are you like?
I consider myself a good person, friendly and loyal, I like helping people and doing good

What do you do exactly ?
Basically all I do is to study for my college courses, I also do sports and I play soccer on weekends with my friends


What do you do?
I am a professional soccer player, I play with the best team in Spain, Real Madrid

Where do you work?                                                                                                                              My job is to play football at real Madrid

What are you like?
I am a good person and I  work a lot, but sometimes people call me arrogant and ridiculous

What do you do exactly ?
In my workI I have to get as many  goals as  possible, give good passes and be a leader in the field

What do you do?
I am a Venezuelan politician, I have been president of congress, mayor and now I’m the  governor of Miranda.

Where do you work?                                                                                                                             My job is to be the governor of Miranda.

What are you like?
I consider myself a good hard working and visionary person. I try to use  these virtues to  improve  my country.

What do you do exactly ?
I am now governor of Miranda and also a candidate for the presidency of my country, in the governor's office I'm in charge of running the state, enforce laws and maintain that region in good condition


What do you do?
I am a professional singer and dancer

Where do you work?                                                                                          
My job is around the world, I travel all around the world doing concerts and shows for my fans

What are you like?
I consider myself a kind and gentle person, I like helping people in any way possible, but people also say that  I'm very sexy and beautiful.

What do you do exactly ?
My work is never routine, I have always new things to do and take pictures, record videos, concerts, attend charity events and much more.

Unit 11 - Clothes

What am I wearing?

Iker Casillas

He’s wearing a green t-shirt with green short pants and socks. Football shoes and football gloves.

My Girfriend and I

I’m the boy wearing the white shirt and a necklace. Next to me is my girlfriend Jany. She’s wearing a black top with a short skirt

lunes, 24 de octubre de 2011

My favorite room

What's my favorite room ?
Why ?
What is it like?
What is in it ? ……….. Where

My favorite room is the games room, I like it because I love to play pool with my friends. In this room there is a big window that communicates with the main hall, there is a big pool table and a dresser. There is a new tv on the wall. There is a big  table and some chairs. There are also some table games like backgamon and scrabble.

Backgammon board  :D

The rooms in my hause and their descriptions



A) This is my bedroom. There is a bed and a desk. On top of the desk there is a  computer, in front of the desk there is a lamp and next to the bed there is a side table- There is also a black carpet.

B) This is my living room. There is a big sofa in  an “L” shape. There is a carpet and a center table. There are two lamps on two side tables. On the wall there are two pictures. There is also a big window and a palm tree.
C) This is the games room, There is a pool table and some table games. There is a dresser and a big lamp in the center of the ceiling.
D) The library: There is a big desk and a black chair, there is a nice carpet also. There is a computer on the desk and some portraits. There are also many books and a printer on top of the desk. There is a wooden floor.

Composition about dating

When I go out on a date, I like to go to a good Italian restaurant and then I like to go to a disco. I love dance. Sometimes I just take my date to the movies. I like girls who are nice, kind and smart.
When i go out whit my grilfriend i like top ay the bilds bot if i dont have money, I expect my girlfriend to pay, at least, her expenses. I ‘m not old fashion
Sometimes I prefer to visit my girlfriend at her home and spend some time with her family and friends. On weekends I like to go to the pool or the beach. I like fun dates more than romantic dates.